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Mojtaba Mahmoudi

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder
Mojtaba Mahmoudi, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Cariboun Solution Inc., is a seasoned professional with a strong background in Computer Networks. With over 20 years of experience as an IT Senior Manager in large oil and gas corporations, he has successfully overseen critical IT operations. Mojtaba’s unwavering passion lies in crafting innovative solutions that not only reduce environmental impact but also foster sustainable growth.

Mission and Vision

Our mission at Cariboun Solution Inc is to dismantle barriers that hinder SMBs from actively participating in ESG and sustainability initiatives. We envision a future where sustainability is not merely an aspiration for large corporations but an attainable reality for businesses of all sizes. By providing comprehensive solutions and simplified reporting mechanisms, we aim to empower SMBs to seamlessly integrate sustainability into their operations.